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Research Commercialisation (STEM)

Working with you to commercialise your STEM subject research

Research Commercialisation (STEM)

Solid expertise in STEM subject commercialisation

ProspectIP helps universities to commercialise their STEM-based research. We have worked with more than 20 higher education institutions in the UK and overseas to successfully commercialise their research.

As well as evidencing the impact and societal benefit of research activities, our STEM commercialisation can help you identify, evaluate, protect, develop and commercialise your research.

Research commercialisation with impact

ProspectIP is able to help technology transfer teams in universities and other research intensive institutions to commercialise their STEM subject research, with clear reference to the requirements of both the Research Excellence Framework (REF) and the Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF).

Our research commercialisation specialists have a strong track record in capturing and communicating the impact and societal benefit of research, together with supporting and measuring industry engagement and use of research outputs.

A guide to current Knowledge Exchange Funding

Knowledge exchange funding can be a valuable source of income for universities and other higher education institutions, but it is essential to identify how your knowledge exchange work is translating into economic and societal impact. ProspectIP explain how knowledge exchange funding for universities and other higher education institutions is calculated and allocated.

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