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Research Commercialisation (non-STEM)

Focused support to effectively commercialise research from non-STEM subjects

Research Commercialisation (non-STEM)

Maximise the impact of your non-STEM research

While the commercialisation pipeline for STEM research is well-established, research within the non-STEM disciplines such as economics, social sciences and humanities are often ignored in the context of knowledge exchange or commercialisation.

ProspectIP has a clear specialism in helping universities and higher education institutions to both commercialise their non-STEM research and identify the impact and societal benefit of their output.

The benefits of a focus on non-STEM research

In technology transfer the focus has traditionally been on STEM-based disciplines with non-STEM research activities largely ignored. However, our experience at ProspectIP shows that there are significant opportunities in the non-STEM research fields and – importantly – that it can be more straightforward to identify the impact and societal benefit.

The research commercialisation team at ProspectIP are specialists in helping universities to maximise and capture the benefit of their research activities in non-STEM subjects. Contact us to find out how we can help your researchers and tech transfer teams to benefit from their non-STEM research activities.

  • Professor Julia BlackPro-Director for Research, LSE
    Although social science research has had enormous positive impacts on society and policy making, its potential to contribute to businesses has not been fully realised. Now more than ever, we need to harness the insights from the social sciences so they can better contribute to the wider economy and productivity, and achieve social benefits.

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