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IP Management and Development

Proactive support to help you manage, protect and commercialise your intellectual property assets

IP Management and Development

Helping you to manage, protect and develop your valuable IP

Intellectual property is a valuable asset. Knowing what IP you have, how valuable it is and how best to further develop it, provides significant competitive and financial benefits. For many organisations however it can be a challenge to manage, protect and develop their IP.

ProspectIP offers specialist expertise to help universities and research intensive organisations make the most of their valuable intellectual assets and research activities.

Competitive advantage through effective IP management

Whilst investment in intellectual property(IP) now outweighs investment in tangible assets in the UK, many businesses are still unsure of the importance of IP and are often missing out on vital opportunities to protect and exploit the ideas and innovations that are generated within their organisations. ProspectIP can help you to protect and manage your intellectual property assets to secure strong growth and competitive advantage.

If you have an innovative idea and you want to prevent others from using your creativity without your permission, it makes sense to protect it within the intellectual property framework. ProspectIP can help you identify the best form of protection for your idea and provide advice and guidance throughout the innovation process.

The hidden value of intellectual property

In today’s knowledge-based, innovation-driven economy, intellectual property (IP) accounts for an increasing share of organisational value.

However, many organisations are not effectively capturing the value of their IP, making it difficult to measure the returns of their innovation against its cost.

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