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ProspectIP Advisory

Intellectual Property and innovation management for ambitious businesses

ProspectIP Advisory

Specialist IP management services for businesses

ProspectIP Advisory is our sister company which provides specialist IP, intellectual asset and intellectual capital advisory services to businesses both large and small, Government organisations, research establishments and the financial services and investment communities.

We have a broad range of professional IP experience across a variety of industries and work with our clients to provide hands-on advice and practical guidance to manage their IP assets.

Strategic IP development and management

ProspectIP Advisory has IP audit/due diligence, IP risk management and IP valuation processes and tools to help you identify and manage your IP assets.

We’ll establish what IP assets you own, what they are worth to your business, how best to protect them and how to monetise them effectively. Our services for businesses cover:

  • IP audit and evaluation
  • IP protection
  • IP risk management policy
  • IP management
  • IP valuation and finance
  • IP monetisation

Our world-class team, led by Derek Palmer, has unrivalled expertise in the development, management and monetisation of intellectual property rights and intellectual assets. We have collectively worked with over 200 businesses across a wide range of industries, plus a host of other organisations including the World Bank and European Union.

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To learn more about our strategic IP management services for businesses, visit our dedicated ProspectIP Advisory website. Alternatively, call 0845 625 4825 to speak to a member of our team in Leicester or email