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The hidden value of IP – Inngot report for the IPO

The hidden value of IP – Inngot report for the IPO

In today’s knowledge-based, innovation-driven economy, intellectual property (IP) accounts for an increasing share of organisational value.

Although the contribution made by intangible assets such as IP is now widely acknowledged, prior research by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) suggested that this value is still not visible to many business managers, raising concerns that the costs of innovation are not being appropriately balanced by a clear appreciation of the returns it produces.

This led to the commissioning of a new report, published in 2017, that was carried out for the IPO by IP specialists, Inngot.

The IPO asked Inngot to gain an understanding into why more companies do not consider the hidden financial value of their intangible assets and particularly intellectual property (IP) on a more routine basis.

The report also seeks to understand the key aspects of the UK market for valuing IP and provides a range of useful insights and recommendations into how companies go about identifying and unlocking the value in their IP assets.

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