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UK universities are operating in challenging times and the proposed development of a knowledge exchange framework (KEF) will challenge universities to measure and report their knowledge and research commercialisation activities.

Understanding research commercialisation

It is widely acknowledged that Universities are a key contributor to enhanced industrial competitiveness via supporting innovation and knowledge-intensive growth, both of which drive economic performance and productivity. Interactions between universities and industry are:

  • Key to institutions demonstrating societal benefits from their research
  • Worth over £4 billion per year to UK universities, creating a range of economic benefits

Research commercialisation refers to the pathways through which ideas (research) are transformed into new products and services which create economic and societal benefits. It covers activities arising from both knowledge exchange and technology transfer efforts and includes activities such licensing, forming spinouts & joint ventures, research consultancy, and contract research amongst others.


The value of non-STEM research

Many existing approaches to research commercialisation are designed around life sciences and engineering research and ignore the potential in non-STEM disciplines such as the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities amongst others. For many universities, particularly those who are more applied or who have strong industry links, the proportion of impactful research arising from non-STEM activities could be significant.  


We believe that research commercialisation should not be discipline specific and should not exclude the potential within non-STEM research areas many of which create a range of research outputs and intellectual property that can be both impactful and commercialised.

How we can help

Our expert advice and practical commercialisation support can help you improve your research impact and financial returns. Our expertise includes:

  • Commercialisation of STEM and non-STEM research outputs
  • Execution of licensing, spinout and JV opportunities
  • Identification of the other (indirect) routes for research commercialisation, including - KTPs, consultancy or contract research amongst others

Find out more

To boost your research commercialisation efforts or to find out more about improving impact and financial return from research please get in touch with us at info@prospectip.com or call 0845 625 4825.

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