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Intellectual Property



Successful organisations recognise the importance of protecting and managing their intellectual property assets in order to secure strong growth and competitive advantage. They also strive to understand the innovation process and are consequently able to maximise the returns from their intellectual assets.

Are you profiting from your intellectual property?

Whilst investment in intellectual property(IP) now outweighs investment in tangible assets in the UK, many businesses are still unsure of the importance of IP and are often missing out on vital opportunities to protect and exploit the ideas and innovations that are generated within their organisations.

If you have an innovative idea and you want to prevent others from using your creativity without your permission, it makes sense to protect it within the intellectual property framework. ProspectIP can help you identify the best form of protection for your idea and provide advice and guidance throughout the innovation process.

ProspectIP can help you achieve competitive advantage through:

  •  Intellectual Property Development

We have worked with a number of universities in the UK and abroad to develop new IP policies and update existing ones to reflect the activities undertaken within institutions and introduce best practice.

  • Intellectual Asset Audits

We have worked with research organisations and businesses to identify intellectual assets (inventions, processes and procedures, tacit knowledge, know-how etc.) that reside within their organisaton.

  • Evaluation and assessment of Intellectual Property

ProspectIP has worked extensively with universities and businesses to assess and evaluate their intellectual assets prior to protection using the various intellectual property rights. The assessment/evaluation of intellectual assets for protectability, technical feasability and commercial viability is a prerequisite before embarking on the expense of IP protection.

  • Intellectual Property Awareness Training

We have delivered a number of intellectual property training sessions to universities, public sector organisations and businesses in the UK and abroad.

  • Intellectual property contracts and agreements
We provide consultancy services for the preparation and reviewing of contracts and agreements (such as confidentiality, R&D, collaboration & evaluation, licence and technology transfer agreements) related to innovation, intellectual property and enterprise development.
  • Intellectual asset portfolio management

We manage the intellectual asset for public sector research organisations including IP disclosures, IP evaluation, IP protection and IP commercialisation.

  • General IP Consultancy

We provide bespoke intellectual property consultancy

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For a friendly and confidential conversation about how intellectual property can add value to your organisation, please speak to a member of the ProspectIP team on 0845 625 4825 or at info@prospectip.com.     



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