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IP Exchange Analysis ReportIP Exchange Analysis


Over recent years a number of new business models for making money out of Intellectual Property (IP) have emerged. One such model is that of the "IP exchange" which in particular may represent a "game changer" for IP trading; operating online they enable the listing, advertising and transfer of IP and attempt to make intellectual property rights (IPRs) a more liquid asset class. 

A new report

ProspectIP, together with its partners Chawton Innovation Services and GreyB Research have released a new report titled IP Exchange Analysis which provides a detailed insight into the range of exchange services available.

The report identifies the increasing number of IP exchange services enabling the listing, review and trading of IP rights online; seeking to bring together IP sellers and buyers in an attempt to provide new models for realising value from IPRs. It details the emergence of increasingly sophisticated services and classifies them based on a range of parameters which enable IP owners to make informed decisions about using such services to realise value from their own IP. Furthermore, it identifies a global total of 171 companies offering a mix of traditional IP brokerage and online services, and presents a detailed review of 12 leading IP Exchanges.

The following sections of the report are available to freely review:

Table of contents   31 k download now
Executive summary   75 k download now

Individual IP exchanges reviewed

The report provides detailed reviews of the following 12 existing IP exchange services: 

§  Patent Auction §  2XFR
§  Yet2.com §  Tech Transfer Online
§  IP Marketplace §  The IP Net
§  Idea Buyer §  Idea Trade Network
§  Tynax Inc §  IPX International
§  IP Auctions §  ICAP Patent Brokerage

The importance and impact of IPRs

The importance of intangible assets like IP is growing, often equalling or surpassing the value of physical assets for a company.  The strength of a company’s IP more directly determines their share price and their corresponding influence on the market.  The size and quality of a company’s IP portfolio will have a direct impact on several factors, such as the reputation of the company, the level of returns on investments and their access to the market, amongst others.

A recent US Government study found that between 2010 and 2011, the US economic recovery led to a 1.6 percent increase in direct employment in IP-intensive industries, faster than the 1.0 percent growth in non-IP-intensive industries. The way a company is valued has also changed considerably.  In the mid 70s, approximately 80% of the value of a company was made up of tangible assets with the remaining 20% being made up of intangible assets.  Today this situation is completely reversed as intangible assets can account for up to 80% or more of the value of an IP intensive business. 

How to purchase a copy

The ProspectIP Exchange Analysis report retails for GBP £ 399 + VAT ($630 /€510) and a purchase order is required if you wish to obtain a copy of the report. Please send your PO or any enquiry to the following if interested in purchasing a copy of our report to ProspectIP at info@prospectip.com and quote 'IP Exchange Analysis Report' in your PO. Please note to include your full contact details, including an active email address. Upon receipt of your order we will despatch an electronic copy of the report (PDF) to your nominated email address. All orders are governed by our standard terms and conditions of sale. To view these in full please click here.


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