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IP issues can be complex, and finding information in clear and accessible language can be a challenge! ProspectIP regularly generates jargon-free and easy to follow commentary on a range of IP issues.

Services Information

This section contains a number of downloadable documents designed to help you find out more about the individual products we offer. These useful guides also introduce the various IP challenges faced by the main market sectors we support, and ultimately the guides will help you identify the most appropriate products to meet your IP needs. read more

IP Guides (premium content)

In this section we have placed our own IP guides offering insights into the latest  and most useful thinking on innovation and intellectual property matters. You will need to register with us to access this information and we will update this section regularly so please visit often to receive timely updates on IP news and events. read more

Useful Information

This area contains information available from third party organisations such as the Intellectual Property Office, the European Patent Office and the World Intellectual Property Office, amongst others. The articles, reports and online documents shed light on developments in the wider world of intellectual property. read more

Useful Links

There are numerous organisations operating in the area of intellectual property. This section provides links to many leading players who provide a range of valuable IP guidance and support. read more


For anything not covered in the guides, documents or links above, please feel free to contact us.

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