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New Report on Intellectual Property Valuation Reveal IP’s Hidden Worth

The report was commissioned by the UK Intellectual Property Office to understand why companies do not consider the hidden financial value of their

intangible assets and particularly intellectual property (IP) on a more routine basis. The report, undertaken by IP specialist Inngot, seeks to understand the key aspects of the UK market for valuing IP and provides a range of useful insights into how companies go about identifying and unlocking the value in their IP assets.


11th October, 2017

Intellectual Property Office launches new IP Toolkit for Universities

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has launched a new IP Toolkit for Universities aimed at improving the IP awareness of students and academics, and help with Universities and businesses working together.

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18th March, 2015

IPO publishes report on the ‘Impact of Lookalikes’

Specific protection under UK law against lookalikes has long been advocated for by well-known brands and brand owners group, particular due to the possible business-to-business harm. However, the European Union has recently made “freeriding” more prominent on their agenda particularly in relation to possible unfair practices.

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20th June, 2013

IPO launches consultation on proposals to cut risks for the pharmaceutical sector

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has launched a new consultation on proposing making changes to the Patents Act to allow clinic and field trials for new drugs to be carried out without the risk of being sued for patent infringement.

Article sourced from IPO website, to review the article in full click here, to view the consultation document click here

26th October, 2012

International Patent System

The UKIPO have announced changes to the Fast Track System to make the international system of patent applications faster and more effective.

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8th June, 2012