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Changes to parody of copyright works

On 01st October 2014 UK legislation will change to allow the parody of copyright works.

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1st October, 2014

Copyright freedom expanded for consumers

The Government has disclosed changes to the use of copyright works in order to create a greater freedom of use, whilst at the same time protecting the interests of authors and owners of Intellectual Property.

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21st December, 2012

Government announced new copyright clauses to assist growth

In response to recommendations in the Hargreaves review of Intellectual Property, the Government has announced measures to update and strengthen the UK's copyright licensing system.

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3rd July, 2012 shut down by police

The UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCa) has closed down an online music site citing “music posted on the site was stolen from the artists and may have damaged careers”.

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17th February, 2012

Extension of copyright protection for music performers

EU laws have formally approved an extension of current copyright protection for music performers, currently the term of copyright is for 50 years but under the new law this will be extended to 70 years.

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18th October, 2011