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UK Patent Office Fees Set to Increase

UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) fees are set to increase in April 2018 following the conclusion of a recent government consultation. The UKIPO fee structure is attractive in that it offers a comparatively low-cost route to securing patent protection. The proposals will see a range of increases for electronic (online) patent applications (paper application charges may be higher still) and will involve increases to application fees, search fees, examination and some renewal fees; and the introduction of excess claims fees and excess page fees. Specific changes will include:

  • Application fees will increase to £60; an additional 25% surcharge will be payable if the fee is not paid at the time of filing
  • Search fees will increase to £150 and excess claims fee of £20 for the 26th and any subsequent claims will be payable
  • Examination fees will increase to £100 and an excess page fee of £10 for each of the 36th and subsequent pages will be payable
  • Renewal fees will increase by £10 for years 12 onwards

More information on the government’s patent fee consultation is available by clicking here.

12th October, 2017