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UK Patent Office Fees Set to Increase

UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) fees are set to increase in April 2018 following the conclusion of a recent government consultation. The UKIPO fee structure is attractive in that it offers a comparatively low-cost route to securing patent protection. The proposals will see a range of increases for electronic (online) patent applications (paper application charges may be higher still) and will involve increases to application fees, search fees, examination and some renewal fees; and the introduction of excess claims fees and excess page fees. Specific changes will include:

  • Application fees will increase to £60; an additional 25% surcharge will be payable if the fee is not paid at the time of filing
  • Search fees will increase to £150 and excess claims fee of £20 for the 26th and any subsequent claims will be payable
  • Examination fees will increase to £100 and an excess page fee of £10 for each of the 36th and subsequent pages will be payable
  • Renewal fees will increase by £10 for years 12 onwards

More information on the government’s patent fee consultation is available by clicking here.

12th October, 2017

New Report on Intellectual Property Valuation Reveal IP’s Hidden Worth

The report was commissioned by the UK Intellectual Property Office to understand why companies do not consider the hidden financial value of their

intangible assets and particularly intellectual property (IP) on a more routine basis. The report, undertaken by IP specialist Inngot, seeks to understand the key aspects of the UK market for valuing IP and provides a range of useful insights into how companies go about identifying and unlocking the value in their IP assets.


11th October, 2017

Intellectual Property Office launches new IP Toolkit for Universities

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has launched a new IP Toolkit for Universities aimed at improving the IP awareness of students and academics, and help with Universities and businesses working together.

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18th March, 2015

Taylor Swift Trademarks lyrics

Taylor Swift is seeking US trademarks for lyrics, “this sick beat” and “we never go out of style” that appear on her current album.

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4th February, 2015

Rihanna and Topshop T-shirt case

The pop singer Rihanna has won a legal battle with Topshop over the use of her image on a T-shirt.

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4th February, 2015