Death of a Ringtone

The White Paper “Death of Ring­tone” by Waves Asso­ciates Ltd dis­cuss­es how Nokia’s smart­phone soft­ware strat­e­gy failed and ulti­mate­ly killed the brand.

In the late 90’s one in three mobile phones sold in the world was a Nokia hand­set, by 2007 Nokia had a mar­ket dom­i­nance of more than 40% of mobile phone sales world­wide. how­ev­er in the mid­dle of that year, with the intro­duc­tion of the Apple iPhone, Nokia’s smart­phone mar­ket share shrank and rev­enue plum­ment­ed.

Authors, Don­al O’ Con­nell, Bruce God­frey and Nick Filler dis­cuss how and why Nokia’s smart­phone soft­ware strat­e­gy failed.

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10th December, 2014

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