Intellectual Property Crime Report

A new report pub­lished on the 11th June 2014 details high­lights of UK Intel­lec­tu­al Prop­er­ty crime, show­ing the most com­mon­ly coun­ter­feit­ed items in the UK are cloth­ing, tobac­co and alco­hol.

High­lights from the report are:

  • 21,494 con­sign­ments of IPR –infring­ing goods were detained at the UK bor­der
  • Fake and unli­censed med­i­cine worth £12.2 mil­lion were seized in the UK
  • 72,000,000 links were removed by the BPI to infring­ing dig­i­tal mate­r­i­al

For fur­ther infor­ma­tion click UK IP Crime Group or to view the report please click here

The IP Crime Group pro­duces an annu­al report which is pub­lished towards the end of sum­mer.

Orig­i­nal arti­cle sourced from HM Gov­ern­ment news

25th June, 2014

Sectors: Business