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market sectors

Market Sectors


ProspectIP works with organisations involved in the innovation ecosystem, such as those involved in the creation of intellectual assets, provision of innovation programmes and the commercialisation of intellectual assets.

We work with Universities, businesses, the financial sector (investors and venture capitalists) and the public sector


Universities conducting research are involved in innovation activities and possess substantial intellectual assets. We support universities in the indentification, evaluation, assessment, management and commercialisation of their intellectual assets.


Innovation and intellectual assets are significant contributors to growth and can provide significant competitive advantage. We work with businesses to evaluate, protect and monetise their intellectual assets.

Financial sector, investors and venture capitalists

Intellectual assets add value to a business but this value is not always easy to measure. ProspectIP provides IP due diligence to enable investors/funders to assess the value and strength of the intellectual assets in a business, supporting sound acquisition or investment decision-making. 

Public sector

A number of public sector organisations are tasked by central government to implement the government's innovation and business strategy. We support such public sector organisations in the development, management and delivery of innovation programmes targeted at SMEs and universities.


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