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Universities contribute to industrial competitiveness by supporting innovation and knowledge-intensive growth, which drive economic performance and productivity. Universities are operating in challenging times and the development of a new knowledge exchange framework (KEF) will challenge universities to measure and report their knowledge and research commercialisation activities. ProspectIP can provide expert advice and practical support to improve research commercialisation. read more



Intellectual Property (IP) is a valuable asset and protecting and successfully commercialising it is a major challenge. Knowing what IP you have, how valuable it is and how best to further develop it, provides significant competitive and financial benefits. ProspectIP offers the expertise that organisations need to make the most of their valuable intellectual assets. read more



Innovation drives productivity and growth. It is viewed narrowly as the creation and use of new ideas, devices or processes; or more broadly as the application of better solutions that meet the unrealised and existing needs of markets. The ecosystem that delivers innovation can be complex, often involving interactions between a number of groups such as knowledge institutions, academics, funders, business support organisations and a range of innovation infrastructure stakeholders. ProspectIP is part of the Innovation ecosystem and works with all the key stakeholders. read more

Your Innovation: Our Expertise ®

Innovation is the cornerstone of growth but we need more than just good ideas to ensure success. ProspectIP brings tenacity, clarity and a systematic and proven process to support organisations develop their innovations, understand and protect their intellectual assets, and monetise and/transform these assets into commercial enterprises.

Whether you are in commerce, research or academia, our products and services can help you at each stage of your development needs.  


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