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I believe in intellectual property. In my view, it's the foundation of world economies, and certainly the foundation upon which Sun Microsystems was built.Jonathan I. Schwartz, President of Sun Microsystems

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About Us


ProspectIP® is an innovation and intellectual asset management commercialisation company. Over the years we have developed a comprehensive range of products and services and a practical approach to helping our clients benefit from their innovations and intellectual assets. 


Our main areas of expertise are:-

  • Innovation development
  • Intellectual asset development and management 
  • Enterprise development - monetisation and commercialisation of intellectual assets

We support organisation from four key sectors

  • Universities and research establishments
  • Businesses
  • Financial sector, investors and venture capitalists
  • Public Sector organisations

We have carried out numerous innovation, intellectual asset and enterprise based assignments for the above sectors both in the UK and abroad.

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For independent and objective advice on your IP, please contact us or view our services page for more information.

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